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            • 20.04.2018
              18-th international exhibition «NEFTEGAZ-2018»
              Fuel gas filter
              Production of a batch of filter elements for KINEF LLC

              Industrial filtration technology

               Industrial filtration technology
               Industrial filtration technology
               Industrial filtration technology
               Industrial filtration technology
               Industrial filtration technology
               Industrial filtration technology

              Design of industrial filtration technology with a complete turn-key — one of the main activities of
              JSC «EC «Technohim».

              Our specialists:

              • selects design;
              • carry out technological calculations;
              • develop technical documentation in the amount of the project.

              We offer a full range of services for modernizing and supervision, testing and production of separators and filters with their complete set of internal parts, control devices, automation and valves.

              Proposal for import substitution filters and filter elements:

              The list of the developed technologies

              Technologies for gas environments:

              • Installing filtering for comprehensive training of natural gas and associated gas in the oil fields, gas processing plants (GPP), underground gas storages
              • Installation of filtration for processing liquid hydrocarbon feedstock (gas condensate)
              • Installations of the process gas, fuel preparation and starting gas
              • Installations of gas from hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide and other harmful components

              Technologies for liquid environments:

              • Installation of filtration to clean oils and fuels
              • Installations of food and non-food liquids, including water, pharmaceuticals, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks
              • Installations of a filtration of wastewater, water treatment
              • Installations of technological recycled water, filtration of acids, alkalis, solvents, catalysts

              The results of the development of technology

              • Justification and choice of technological process
              • Calculation of material and heat balances
              • Develop detailed flowsheet includes requirements for automation
              • Options valves and instrumentation
              • Selection of the equipment
              • Technology calculation of optional equipment
              • Formalization technological scheme, a list of valves and instrumentation, technical specifications for the blocks factory supplied

              A list of developed equipment

              • Gas separators
              • Oil separators
              • Degassing liquid
              • Filters for coarse and fine particulate matter from liquid
              • Filters for gas cleaning from mechanical impurities
              • Dust collectors, filters, separators, filters, filtres-dust collectors
              • Two-phase liquid separators
              • Filters-coalescers
              • Filters for purification of air
              • Internal and filter elements

              Characteristic features of the filter and separation equipment

              Coordinate the execution vertical
              Nominal diameter of the housing, mm 100 to 3400
              Case wall thickness, mm 5 to 90
              Material carbon steel
              stainless steel
              heat-resistant alloy steel
              double-layer steel
              Pressure, MPa to 16
              Temperature, °C from minus 70 to plus 600
              Estimated lifetime, years 20

              Manufacturing capabilities

              • Harvest area
              • Welding and assembly area
              • Mechanical area
              • Thermal area
              • Forging area
              • Painting camera
              • Bench and assembly area
              • Intrashop lifting equipment
              • Hydraulic tests area
              • Metallographic laboratory destructive and non-destructive testing
              • Manufacture packaging area

              Structure of the provided documentation

              Provided documentation is sufficient for binding of the equipment in the project documentation of the object, determining the cost of manufacturing equipment, processing the necessary permits.

              On the block-complete equipment developed following documentation:

              1. 1. The specification including:
                • general information on the block
                • sketches included in the unit block
                • sketch of the device and block (if necessary)
                • technological scheme of the block
                • list of fittings
                • list of instrumentation
              2. 2. Engineering design of the block including:
                • general view drawing
                • statement of the technical project
                • technological calculations, strength, safety valves
                • list of purchased products
                • statement of operational documents belonging to her owner's manual, the combined scheme in principle, the list of elements and reinforcement of control and instrumentation
                • general view of the location of devices
                • list of purchased products of instrumentation and automated control systems
                • scheme combined compounds
                • lists of elements
              3. 3. On devices as entering the block, and delivered separately, the engineering design including is developed:
                • general view drawing
                • statement of the technical project
                • technological calculations, strength, safety valves
                • instruction manual
                • technical specifications, if necessary

              Additional services

              • Research and development activities in terms of improving the process equipment
              • Testing of process equipment to conform to the parameters
              • Architectural supervision of production of processing equipment
              • Manufacture and supply of technological equipment
              • Author's maintenance of installation and balancing and commissioning
              • Repair of the process equipment
              • Diagnosis of process equipment
              • Examination of industrial safety

              Modernization of the equipment

              At modernization of the equipment the following works are performed:

              • The collection requirements for production equipment
              • Diagnostics, industrial safety examination and determination of residual life of the load-bearing body
              • The choice of technical solutions for modernization and implementation of technological calculation
              • Development of working documents for modernization
              • Get expert advice and permission to use
              • Making internal devices
              • Prepare the device for mounting (together with the service manual)
              • Installation of internal devices
              • Adding to the passport information about upgrading the device


              Filter mesh DN300
              Filter mesh DN300
              Filter-coalescer of associated petroleum gas
              Filter-coalescer of associated petroleum gas
              Slotted filter basket
              Slotted filter basket
              Filters F-102, F-102A
              Filters F-102, F-102A
              The fuel oil filter
              The fuel oil filter
              Filter-coalescer BF-101
              Filter-coalescer BF-101
              Filter-coalescer F-001354
              Filter-coalescer F-001354