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    Секция коалесцера тяжелой дизельной фракции


    The Model ZPJ ia a thru-bore encoder with a bore of 0.625" (15.875 mm). Additional mounting kits are available to adapt it to both standard and metric shaft sizes.

    This unit is ideal for applications requiring a miniature, high precision, low cost encoder, designed with all metal construction for years of trouble-free operation.

    The ZPJ encoder has a flexible arm mount and blind hollow shaft. It uses two set screws that are 90° apart to clamp the encoder's hub to the motor shaft.
    The NPN Open Collector outputs are each current limited to 20 mA.

    The outputs are standard quadrature with index, and are available in resolutions up to 2500 pulses per shaft revolution.

    The quadrature separation is typically 90 electrical degrees. Output A leads output B for clockwise rotation of the encoder shaft.


    Сепараторы С-1, С-2
    Сепараторы Е-104, Е-202, Е-203, С-120
    Холодильник дизельного топлива Х-218
    Теплообменник Т-109
    Теплообменник Т-109
    Ресивер воздуха КИП Е-123
    Емкость Е-14
    Емкость Е-14
    Емкости Е-171, С-101, Е-105
    Питательные резервуары