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    Секция коалесцера тяжелой дизельной фракции


    The ZUK is a high performance unit that is ideal for fast revving motor mount applications. This industrial strength model features the largest thru bore available in a 2.5" encoder, mounting directly on shafts as large as 1.125" (28 mm.) The injection molded housing is grooved with «cooling fins», and can take the extreme heat of the motion control industry.

    The ZUK comes equipped with a 3 point Flex Mount adapting to both 2.25" and 2.75" motor faces. It is also available with an optional «tether arm» mounting kits for additional motor compatibility.


    Сепараторы С-1, С-2
    Сепараторы Е-104, Е-202, Е-203, С-120
    Холодильник дизельного топлива Х-218
    Теплообменник Т-109
    Теплообменник Т-109
    Ресивер воздуха КИП Е-123
    Емкость Е-14
    Емкость Е-14
    Емкости Е-171, С-101, Е-105
    Питательные резервуары