Incineration is:

combustion / thermochemical conversion of raw material into the ash with high conversion level - more than 95 ÷ 99.5%.

Application potential:

  • no need for preliminary preparation, sorting of wastes for disposal;
  • different fractional composition or size range;
  • no need for collecting liquid products and by-products – all of them (aerosols, mists & liquids) are destructed.

The key benefits:

  • Lining materials with a service life more than 20 years;
  • Flexible placing of destruction chambers;
  • Processing & customizing the residence time of volatile organic compounds in the reaction zone / afterburning;
  • Full automation of the process;
  • Elective / variety of options environmental abatement solutions;
  • Waste-heat recovery, waste-to-energy solutions | Exotherm processes.