Certification of imported products

Full set of services to import/use the imported equipment

  • Applicant of conformity assessment of the equipment to requirements of Technical Regulations of Custom Union: TR CU 010/2011, TR CU 032/2013, TR CU 012/2011, TR CU 004/2011
  • Registration of certificate/declaration of conformity, including the work with certification bodies (search, contracting, payment)
  • Execution of Technical passport as per GOST 34347, GOST R 2.601, GOST R 2.610, etc.
  • Execution of Justification of Safety, Operating manual, Strength calculations, etc.
  • Translation of necessary documentation into Russian language (with exact terminology of the industry)

Our Advantages

  • Reliable business partners (certification bodies and laboratories)
  • We are experts in designing and manufacturing of oil and gas equipment (petrochemical, oil refining, gas conditioning)
  • Experience of concluding an international contracts (more than 40 foreign clients on certification)

Examples of executed documents

TR CU 012 Certificate for A.R.I. valves

TR CU 012 Certificate for Merichem process unit

TR CU 032 Certificate for COMES columns

TR CU 032 Certificate for Delcorte fittings

TR CU 032 Certificate for HISTEEL pipes

TR CU 032 Certificate for Technohim_separators

TR CU 032 Certificate for Villa Scambiatori_Heat Exchangers

Recommendation letter

ARI Optimal flow solutions, Israel

CTA group, Italy

EKME S.A., Greece

Heurtey Petrochem RUS LLC (AXENS group)

Nihon pipe corp., China

Toyo Engineering Corporation, Japan

Toyo Engineering Corporation, Korea

Van Leeuwen GmbH, Germany


All issued documents can be accessed in site Federal Service for Accreditation



TR CU Certificates



TR CU Declarations

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