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              Supply of air compressor
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              Supply of TECHSlit filter elements



              JSC «EC «Technohim» is one of the suppliers of high-tech equipment and services in the field of technological systems and equipment for the energy industry.

              During the period of our specialists implemented a number of complex projects for different companies:

              • oil, gas and petrochemical industry;
              • metallurgical and energy complex;
              • various government and commercial organizations and companies.

              The main activity of the company - design, assembly and delivery of equipment and installations with a complete «turn-key».

              By these we mean:

              • comprehensive provision of equipment and engineering services in various industries, construction, supply and maintenance companies and organizations;
              • carry out the installation and commissioning work at the facilities of the customer;
              • project management, construction and reconstruction of facilities and installations;
              • representing the interests of foreign companies/manufacturers of equipment and services in Russia and the CIS.

              Among the equipment and systems supplied by our company:

              • vessel, heat exchangers, reactor, column equipment;
              • gas filters and separators for various industries;
              • filters of various fluids, including hydrocarbons;
              • coalescers gas/liquid, coalescers liquid/liquid;
              • filtration systems for different processes;
              • filter elements, cartridges and filter materials;
              • valves, pumps and top dressing;
              • instrumentation and analytical;
              • power and transformer equipment;
              • burner systems, industrial furnaces;
              • boilers;
              • compressor equipment;
              • compensators and compensating devices;
              • pipes and insulation materials.

              In recent years, established direct partnerships with leading companies in the production process equipment from the CIS countries, Europe, Korea, USA, and China.


              Heat exchanger T-1600
              Heat exchanger T-1600
              Heat exchanger Т-7/1,2
              Heat exchanger Т-7/1,2
              Vessel Е-106
              Vessel Е-106
              Water heating vessel E-104
              Water heating vessel E-104
              Vessel of nitrogen of a high pressure E-17
              Vessel of nitrogen of a high pressure E-17
              Emergency vessel E-16
              Emergency vessel E-16
              Coolant vessel E-15
              Coolant vessel E-15
              Emergency vessel of propane E-14
              Emergency vessel of propane E-14