Activities of JSC «EC «Technohim»


  • blocks and items for the oil and gas processing industry, fuel and energy complex, pulp and paper mill;
  • reactors, columns, heat exchangers, tanks;
  • filters, separators;
  • thermal insulation of apparatus and pipelines.


  • apparatuses for oil and gas processing plants;
  • process units;
  • filter elements;
  • internal devices;
  • pumps and compressors;
  • multi-zone thermocouples for various technological processes and instrumentation instruments;
  • pipeline fittings;
  • pipes and piping parts.


  • construction, installation and repair of facilities;
  • civil works of any complexity;
  • implementation of the functions of a General contractor.


  • applicant of equipment conformity to TR CU requirements;
  • registration of certificate/declaration of conformity;
  • execution of Technical passport with mandatory Appendixes as per GOST R 52630, GOST 2.601;
  • execution of Justification of Safety;
  • translation of necessary documentation into Russian language.

Laboratory NDE

  • visual and measurement control;
  • ultrasonic testing;
  • ultrasonic thickness measurement;
  • penetrating substances control (dye penetrant examination).

Metal products manufacturing

  • clad plates;
  • steel plate;
  • forged workpieces;
  • bottoms and slide gate workpieces.