Engineering design of technological equipment

Engineering design steel welded vessels and equipment, working under pressure, intended for use in process plants in chemical, petrochemical, oil refining, oil, gas and other industries.

In particular, the design objects are:

  • natural gas treatment plants;
  • gas desulfurization, CO2-clearing and decontamination;
  • gas fuel and start gas treatment facilities at pump stations and power plants;
  • produced water treatment units;
  • unified oil treatment unit;
  • filtering units for crude refining;
  • filter units for oil and fuel purification;
  • recirculated process water purification units, filtration of acids, caustics, solvents, catalyzators.

We carry out the design in accordance with the safety regulations of the Russian Federation.

In the design process is the following:

  • calculation of technological schemes, preparation of flow diagrams, specifications;
  • process design and detailed construction pieces of equipment: heat exchangers; filters gases; filters for liquids; separators gas-liquid; separators liquid-liquid; coalescer; capacity with mixing devices; selection of safety valves;
  • strength (mechanical) calculation of units of equipment: heat exchangers, filtration and separation equipment, columns, tanks, absorbers, absorbers, reactors;
  • strength calculation of various pipelines;
  • thermal and hydraulic calculations, and the choice of diameters of piping systems for various applications with a detailed accounting of local resistances;
  • design of steel structures using computer-aided design
  • working design of control systems, deployment of field instrumentation, communication with upper level systems;
  • detailed engineering of electrical systems.

The software used in the design:

  • technological calculations: AspenTech Exchanger Design&Rating, Instrucalc, AspenTech HYSYS;
  • development of technological schemes: AutoCAD P&ID;
  • strength calculations: PASSAT, START, PVP-Design;
  • 3D-modeling: SolidWorks, AutoCAD Inventor, AutoCAD Plant 3D.