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              Supply of air compressor
              Production of filter elements
              Supply of TECHSlit filter elements

              Certification of imported products

              All package of services to import / use the imported equipment

              • Applicant of equipment conformity to TR CU requirements:
                TR CU 010/2011, TR CU 032/2013, TR CU 012/2011, TR CU 004/2011
              • Registration of certificate/declaration of conformity, including the work with certification bodies (search, contracting, payment)
              • Execution of Technical passport with mandatory Appendixes as per GOST R 52630, GOST 2.601
              • Execution of Justification of Safety
              • Translation of necessary documentation into Russian language (with exact terms of industry)


              • Reliable business partners for registration of TR CU conformity documents
              • We are specialists in designing and manufacturing of oil and gas equipment (petrochemical, oil refining, gas conditioning)
              • Experience of concluding an international contracts
              • Ability for assurance of manufactured equipment quality by expert organizations (TÜV, Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, etc.)

              Examples of executed documents

              Certificate: Unit THIOLEX™ REGEN® ME-302

              Declaration of conformity: Electrical dehydrator ED-101

              Declaration of conformity: Phase separator THIOLEX™ E-311

              Declaration of conformity: Unit THIOLEX™ REGEN®

              Certificate: Explosion-proof electrical equipment for unit THIOLEX™ REGEN® ME-302

              Letter of appreciation

              «Heurtey Petrochem RUS» LLC


              Toyo Engineering Japan

              EKME S.A.

              Toyo Engineering Korea

              Reference list

              TR CU Certification 2014-2018


              Vacuum system position 3510J0201
              Vacuum system position 3510J0201
              Vacuum system VSS-01
              Vacuum system VSS-01
              Vacuum systems section 2500
              Vacuum systems section 2500
              Tubular bundle of the heat exchanger of the cubic product of the isostripper 52-E3004 tube space
              Tubular bundle of the heat exchanger of the cubic product…
              Tubular bundles of heat exchangers of lateral selection of an isostripper 52-E3003/1,2
              Tubular bundles of heat exchangers of lateral selection of…
              Pump N-11/1,2
              Pump N-11/1,2
              Pump N-9/1,2
              Pump N-9/1,2
              Pump N-5/1,2
              Pump N-5/1,2