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              Production of filter elements
              Supply of TECHSlit filter elements
              18-th international exhibition «NEFTEGAZ-2018»



              JSC «EC «Technohim» together with the Plant «Prizma» supplies equipment and pipeline valves with followed assembly:

              • consruction, installation and repair facilities (equipment, piping and steel-work at the construction of the Customer);
              • the integrated assembly and installation of columns and other oversized equipment on the bases;
              • all-construction works of any complexity;
              • implementation of the functions of the General Contractor;

              Advantages of  assembly by JSC «EC «Technohim»:

              • installation and comissioning of chemical, oil-refining industries, air separation products, explosion-hazardous manufacturing and units;
              • repair of equipment for explosive, toxic and corrosive environment, chemical plants, petrochemical plants, oil refineries;
              • implementation of engineering(construction management, documents);
              • construction and installation works;
              • reconstruction, repair and overhaul of internals utilities;
              • work for the protection of structures and equipment(waterproofing of building structures, roofing, insulation of piping and equipment operating at temperatures above 115°С);

              On request, possibly holding furnace heat treatment equipment at the construction site of the customer.


              Separator-coalescer K-1/2
              Separator-coalescer K-1/2
              Stabilization column K-5
              Stabilization column K-5
              Filter liquid FD-104A/B/D/E
              Filter liquid FD-104A/B/D/E
              Oil separator 02СМ01
              Oil separator 02СМ01
              Pump N-201/A,B
              Pump N-201/A,B
              Piston complete compressor installation 4GM10-29 / 12-40 C UHL4 4ГМ10-29/12-40 С УХЛ4
              Piston complete compressor installation 4GM10-29 / 12-40 C…
              Compressor unit (blower)
              Compressor unit (blower)
              Moisture separator VNM002
              Moisture separator VNM002