Analogues of filter elements

23.12.2015 · 1091

In December 2015, our company has supplied analogues of filter elements for free sulfur production unit and amine regeneration unit. The cartridges are installed in existing unit equipment.

Coarse and fine filter cartridges with trademark «Technohim» are designed to trap the solids (mill scale and waste rock caused by polymerization and corrosion) with a size of 5 μm or more in the fluid flow.

Carbon canisters with trademark «Technohim» are designed to adsorb hydrocarbons from methyldiethylamine solution. The canister contains 100% granulated activated carbon made of coal, subjected to high-temperature vapor activation process. This process maximizes the adsorption of both high and low molecular weight impurities.

Filter elements are made in accordance with the standard ISO: 9001 2000 and are certified to meet the requirements of normative documents  GOST 12.2.003-91, TU 3600-005-94628911-2013.

Supplied cartridges and canisters are the complete analogues of import filter elements.