Filter-coalescer BF-101

15.01.2016 · 1218

In January 2016 JSC «EC «Technohim» has supplied filter-coalescer of BF-101 for membrane gas separation units for natural gas treatment.

The filter is installed before the membrane gas separation unit and is designed to prevent solid impurities and drop liquids which are present in gas flow to contact the membrane.

For the development of the filter, Customer has established a number of purification quality requirements for the working medium and for vessel dimensions.

The filter should retain solid particles of size 0.3 µm or more, as well as to keep the liquid droplet at outlet of not more than 2.0 ppm. Hydraulic resistance at the beginning of the operating interval should not exceed 20 kPa.

The device is expected to be installed in a block box together with other equipment of the gas treatment unit, so it had to be compact, with the smallest space for service areas.

Through the use of cartridges with increased capacity and contaminant capacity, the filter dimensions were decreased in comparison with other competitive offers.

The filter is supplied fully assembled with a set of spare filter elements, counter flanges, fasteners and insulation.

Manufacturing time is 120 calendar days.