Filters F-102, F-102A

09.02.2016 · 1184

In January 2016 JSC «EC «Technohim» has supplied Filters F-102, F-102A.

The filters are designed to remove the hydrocarbon condensate, MDEA solution, sulphides, chlorides, solids from purified hydrogen-rich gas.

Filters are the welded vertical cylindrical vessel with plain cover and bottom elliptical head.

The housings are equipped with nozzles with flanges for supply and removal of gas, drain the fluid, and for installation of Instrumentation. Coalescent elements are installed inside the filter housing.

The implementation period of the project is 180 calendar days.

Main parameters:

Pressure design, MPa6,325
Temperature design, °С+100
Wall thickness, mm18
Weight, kg1800
Filter element coalescent cartridges with filtering degree of 0.3 µm
Materialsteel 09Г2С-12