Filters residue visbreaking

03.07.2014 · 1332

The filter is designed for cleaning (filtering) of the residue visbreaking of impurities and particles of micron ratings of 6 mm.

A filter is a piece welded body, working under internal overpressure, which consists of a cylindrical shell with elliptical bottom and cover plate with tilt-up device. Supports of the device: racks. The filter is provided with a fitting entrance of contamination of the environment and the fitting out of treated fluid located on various building height, drain nipple discharge and discharge the accumulated sludge is also provided air vent fitting and steaming/purge.

Shipment of products produced JSC «EC «Technohim» to the Customer in accordance with the contractual terms.

Project implementation period - 120 calendar days.

Installation Visbreaking
Type of internal device slit filter element
Diameter of the housing, mm 620
Dimension, mm 1140/1580/2620
Wall thinkness, mm 10
Weight, kg 895
Pressure design, MPa 1,33
Temperature design, °C plus 395
Rate, m3/hour 264
Material housing steel 08Х18N10Т internal device steel 08Х18Н10Т