Filtres and separators

26.06.2014 · 1331

In this project, our specialists were selected internals - louver packages for separators and filter cartridges, developed the design, and the design is made after the delivery of the equipment to the customer's warehouse in accordance with the contractual terms.

Project implementation period - 150 days.
The list of equipment includes devices:

  • filters fuel gas
  • filters for air dried on the line for instrumentation and automation
  • separator of gas-blowing-off mix of hydrotreating
  • separator for receiving the circulation compressor hydrotreating
  • separator discharge circulating compressor hydrotreating
  • fuel gas separator
  • instrumentation and automated control systems air receiver
  • blowdown tank low pressure circulation compressors hydrotreating
  • separator gas-product mixture isomerization
  • separator acceptance circulating compressor isomerization
  • separator discharge circulating compressor isomerization
  • separator sidestream
  • flare separator