Manufacture of an ejector for the unit of delayed coking

20.01.2022 · 54

EJ01 ejector for the delayed coking unit was manufactured at the production site of JSC «EC «Technohim».

Technical characteristics of the ejector:

Consumption of ejected medium, kg/h15 200
Temperature of ejected vapors at the inlet, °С 175
Inlet pressure, MPa(abs.) 0.141 (initial) 0.106 (final)
Pressure of the mixture at the outlet of the ejector, MPa (abs.) 0.16
Mixture temperature at ejector outlet, °С 187
Consumption of working steam per ejector, no more than, kg/h14 800
Steam pressure, MPa (overpressure)1,15
Steam temperature, °С200-250
Dimensions, mm4650*750*1190
Вес, кг1 200