Modernization filters hydrogen-containing gas unit L-24-10/2000

14.08.2015 · 998

For modernization filters hydrogen-containing gas unit L-24-10/2000 company JSC «EC «Technohim» was developed and delivered internal device — holders for filter elements.

Each holder consists of a plate, guide plates and adapters for connecting the filter elements and the support structure. The design of the device makes it easy to remove it from the housing of the device and speeds up the changing of the filter module. When developing holder was made technical project defined standards (general arrangement drawing, specification, explanatory note, etc.), the calculations for strength. Manufacturer holders was monitored by the quality Department of the company JSC «EC «Technohim».

Together with holders were supplied to the filter elements, the flange connection of the housing, a sealing ring flange connections, fasteners, spare parts and accessories.