Supply of TECHSlit filter elements

23.05.2018 · 1210

In accordance with the Contract were supplied filter elements of TECHSlit series for 25 and 40 micron.

Slotted filter element is as element of cartridge type designed for filtration of the flow medium from mechanical impurities and such elements as replaceable part are to be installed in the filter body.
The filter element is a cylinder with welded construction of profiled V-shaped wire section, support cross members connected to each other by welding at each point of its crossing the end caps of stainless steel (upper and lower flanges).

The principle of operation is that the mechanical impurities contained in the filtered product are hold on the surface and do not get stuck in the slot, which significantly reduces blinding of the filtering surface and ensures an even flow distribution of the filtered medium.

Technical specification:

Material03Х16Н15М3 (AISI 316L)
Filter element weight, kg1,2
Filter element dimensions, mmDin=50, H=1000
Quantity of filter elements, psc.for 20 micron - 30
for 40 micron - 40