Supply plates

18.11.2015 · 1099

In June 2015 JSC «EC «Technohim» supply internal devices (plates) for the R-5 reactor block dehydrogenation of isobutane. Plates were developed for the specification and drawings of the customer.

The devices are designed to evenly distribute the working fluid flow through the catalyst bed. Design feature was their plates form a segment of a sphere - it is possible to reduce the bending and tensile stresses on the action of distributed loads and to increase the area available for placement of the nozzles, to provide the required capacity plate.

In the manufacture of the plates we had a difficult technological problems. Heavy working conditions inside the reactors put high demands on the quality of metal products and welded joints.

To remove the residual stress and improving the corrosion resistance required heat treatment.

To transport the mounting device inside the reactors required precise cutting of the finished product to the assembly of the retaining all geometric characteristics.

Monitoring compliance with the technological requirements at all stages of production carried out both remotely and directly on the quality of the production department of JSC «EC «Technohim».

The project was implemented by JSC «EC «Technohim» turnkey delivery of products to the customer's warehouse. Your product was to make the necessary set of documents confirming the quality of the workmanship, materials and technologies matching the requirements of the job.