All-metal filter elements production

15.05.2017 · 1326

JSC «EС «Technohim» by means of in-house production has produced full metal filter elementsof steel 08KH18N10T with a filtration fineness of 10 µm.

The end seals of the filter elements are made with the use of welding, thus, there are no glue joints in the filter element, which ensures a working temperature up to 400 °C.

Welding technology developed by the specialists of the company JSC «EС «Technohim» ensures absolute tightness in the contact zone of the cap with filter layer of a metallic mesh and a complete absence of filtrate flow bypass.

Tightness of welds is confirmed by laboratory analysis.

Process abilities of production allow to produce similar filter elements with filtration fineness up to 5 µm out of stainless steel AISI 304 (L), AISI 316 (Ti), AISI 321.