Start of the filter elements production

21.12.2016 · 1339

JSC «EС «Technohim» has started in-house filter elements production.

In December, 2016 the first batch of the Goods was manufactured, namely coalescing type gas/liquid filter elements of CoaLINE series.

Filter element’s manufacturing technology for gas environment filtration has been acquired from a company which occupying one of the leading positions in world practice of gas filtration.

A distinctive features of filter elements produced by JSC «EС «Technohim» are 100% incoming quality control of all used materials, application of calculation methods for gas flow stream through a coalescing layer, and higher flow rate of filter elements.

Thus, to reach certain flow rate, a low quantity of filter elements is necessary that enables Customer to use more compact and less expensive apparatuses.

JSC «EС «Technohim» production areas allow to manufacture different type of filter elements including wire mesh filter elements for gas and liquid enviroments.