Devices for chemically contaminated water cleaning unit

17.06.2016 · 1087

Two filter coalescer and two strainers included in chemically contaminated water cleaning unit were supplied in June 2016.

The unit is designed for two-step process of water cleaning from solid contaminants and hydrocarbon condensate. Non-woven synthetic fiber cartridges installed in strainers retain the solid impurities with the size up to 5 µm and ensure a reliable operation of the filter-coalescer systems. In coalescers, two liquid phases (water and hydrocarbon condensate) are separated with the use of filter elements with hydrophobic impregnated fiber.

Devices are equipped with instrumentation, electrical heating, thermal insulation.
JSC «EC «Technohim» has developed the design documentation to integrate the chemically contaminated water cleaning unit in the process and to provide its arrangement in the shop and its connection with piping.

Technical support of the unit at its installation and startup is specified in supply conditions.

Main characteristics:

Medium water, pyrocondensate
Design pressure, MPa 1,0
Design temperature, °C 90
Flow, m3/h 150
Filtration capacity, µm 5
Material steel 09Г2С
Weight of the strainer, kg850
Weight of coalescer, kg5500