The compressor unit 4ГУ2-3/6-35С У1

08.06.2016 · 1179

Water cooling compressor unit 4ГУ2-3/6-35С У1 of modular design was supplied with heat-insulated room with lifting devices and instrumentation room to operate in Reactor line «C» of Polyethylene production.

The main parameters:

Compressible gas moist-free nitrogen
Volume efficiency, at suction conditions, m3/hour (m3/min) 229 (3,82)
Gas pressure, initial, kPa (abs.), (bar), within 616,15…640,67 (6,16…6,41)
Gas temperature, initial, К (°С), within 303…317 (+30…+44)
Final pressure, kPa (abs.), (bar) 3476,5 (34,76)
Gas temperature at the exit of the unit, °С, up to 60
Unit consumed power, kW, up to 100