Fine filters gas from mechanical impurities and moisture

01.10.2014 · 1230

As part of a project to design and supply of filtration equipment for the assembly of booster compressor stations, carried out shipment of HEPA filters hydrocarbon gas.

FG-1 filters are designed to remove from the stream of hydrocarbon gas solids filtration fineness of 5 microns. The filter is installed in a horizontal pipeline in the block container.

Filter FS-2 used for cleaning of moisture (condensate hydrocarbon) and mechanical impurities hydrocarbon gas filtering fineness of 5 microns supplied from the compressor outlet to АВО. The filter is installed after the air cooler on the horizontal section of the pipeline in the block container.

Material 09G2S
Wall thickness, mm8
Weight, kg70
Designer and supplierJSC «EC «Technohim»
Pressure design, MPaFG-1 - 4,0; FS-2 - 6,3
Temperature design, °C+100
Rate, nm3/hour1000
Filtration rating, µm5
Project implementation period120 calendar days