Installing a two-step purification of circulating water cooling

30.10.2014 · 1199

As part of modernization to increase the service life of the compressor shaft seal, introduced in February 2012 in the operation of the plant hydro promptly carried out the design, manufacture and delivery of a comprehensive two-step filter system cleaning cooling circulating water.

The filter installation is designed to remove from the stream of recycled water solids and suspended solids from the filtration of 100 ratings and 10 microns, and is currently commissioned.

Materialsteel 09G2S, 20
Wall thickness, mm8
Weight, kg2500
Designer and supplierJSC «ЕС «Technohim»
Pressure design, MPa1,6
Temperature design, °C+50
Performance, m3/hour10
Filtration rating, µm100, 10
Project implementation period20 calendar days