Internal devices of the separator hydrogenation C-101

05.10.2015 · 1233

To improve the separation process of water and hydrogenation in the separator C-101 of the Hydrotreating section company JSC «EC «Technohim» designed and manufactured a set of internal devices.

The task must be taken into account that inside the device there are already devices and technological structures (ladders, gratings). In addition, an important technical requirement of the job is to do without parts, welded to the sidewall of the device.

As a result of design, which does not require large expenditures for installation and maintenance and can be installed in the apparatus by forces and means of the customer. As a device for stream stabilization and coagulation of the suspended phase was applied to mesh the nozzle of his own design JSC «EC «Technohim». For the design approval by the customer was the technical project in accordance with GOST 2.120.

Internal devices were manufactured in a short period of time. To identify possible inaccuracies in the manufacture underwent a control Assembly on the layout of the device. Delivery of the product and its acceptance to the customer's warehouse was held with representatives of JSC «EC «Technohim». With the product the customer was given a full set of documentation and installation instructions.

In the future, with the support of the customer of JSC «EC «Technohim» is planning to collect and analyse data on the internal devices to improve the methods of design of internal devices.