Supply filter-coalescer F-001354

31.08.2015 · 1229

In August 2015 supply filter-coalescer F-001354 hydrocarbon fractions with a boiling point up to 350 °C.

The purpose of the filter — cleaning working environment from rust particles and coke, as well as the removal of free water. The filter consists of a horizontal machine on saddle supports. Due to the high corrosive environment of the body has been subjected to volumetric heat treatment.

The case has removable flat lid for inspection of the internal space and the replacement of filter elements.

For the accumulation of allocated water is provided by a pond with connections for level control.

The casing has a fitting for connection of process piping and instrumentation.

The apparatus contains a cylindrical filter elements.

The main filter material is pleated nonwoven fabric with a hydrophobic impregnation.

In the scope of delivery filter also included a set of electrical heating and thermal insulation.

The manufacture of the filter was carried out according to the approved schedule.

On the implementation stages of manufacturing to the customer provided reports with photos.

Shipment of the equipment was carried out six weeks earlier than the agreed contract period.