Vacuum generating systems (VGS)

Vacuum generating systems (VGS) are designed for pumping gases, vapors and vapor-gas-liquid mixtures in order to create a vacuum in apparatuses of various purposes: distillation and stripping columns, desorbers, evaporators, deaerators, condensers, reactors, dryers, desalters, petroleum product distillation systems and other process tanks and allow to create various types of vacuum from low to super high.

Vacuum generating systems are used both to create an initial vacuum in the process system necessary to start the process, and to maintain a given vacuum during the technological process.

Areas of application of vacuum generating systems
Oil and gas recovery
  • associated petroleum gas utilization plants
  • injection of gas into the oil reservoir
  • metal casting under vacuum in metallurgical production
  • steel degassing
Chemical industry
  • vacuum stripping columns
  • feed treatment plants
  • creating a vacuum in steam turbine condensers
Oil refining
  • hydrocracking of oil fractions
  • primary oil refining in a vacuum unit
  • distillate hydrotreating units
  • visbreaking units
  • base oil production units
JSC «EC «Technohim» develops the projects of VGS supply
  • collection of source data
  • modeling of the technological process
  • development of sketch design
  • development of detailed design
  • passing an industrial safety examination
  • equipment manufacturing
  • supply of equipment
  • installation supervision and commissioning
  • staff training
Our advantages
  • implementation of the project in the «EPC» format
  • licensed software (Honeywell UniSim Design®, etc.)
  • proprietary program for calculating ejectors
  • high accuracy of calculations at the budgeting stage
  • experience in implementing large-scale projects
Supplied equipment
Steam jet systems
Steam jet systems
Liquid jet systems
Liquid jet systems