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              Supply of air compressor
              Production of filter elements
              Supply of TECHSlit filter elements

              External cooling unit

              External cooling unit

              The main purpose:

              • cooling fluid flow by using external energy source.

              The main equipment:

              • air coolers and refrigeration units, using as a cold stream different refrigerants.

              The main principle of air coolers: use of ambient air as a coolant for cooling the hot fluid flow through the tube bundle to the desired temperature parameters (10-30°С).

              The use of this type of external cooling is limited to the ambient temperature in the summer and are not always able to provide the required flow temperature. In some cases, a coolant circuit with the addition of the intermediate heat exchanger and pump.

              For a deeper cooling applied install artificial cold.

              The basic principle of the install artificial cold - used for artificial cooling in processes requiring low temperatures.

              This unit is characterized by its own refrigerant circuit with its own engineering networks and automatic control system.

              Components and scope of the equipment specified for each request and are specific to each calculation.

              Working environments:

              • water
              • petroleum and petroleum products
              • associated petroleum gas
              • liquefied petroleum gases
              • liquefied natural gas
              • flammable liquids
              • combustible liquids
              • nonaggressive environments
              • aggressive environment

              Pressure: from 0,07 MPa to 25 MPa.

              Temperature, °С: from -196 up to 350.

              Electrical power system

              Category reliability of power supply — I.
              Supply voltage 380/220V, 12V lighting repair.
              System of grounding TN-S.
              Automatic switches conform to requirements of industrial safety of the Russian Federation.

              Lighting system

              On the object provides the following types of coverage:

              • working lighting — 220V;
              • emergency lighting — 220V;
              • repair lighting — 12V (apply reducing isolation transformers 220/12V);

              Electrical safety system

              Electrical Grounding is made in accordance with the requirements of industrial safety of the Russian Federation.

              To protect people from electric shock in the building all metal fine dead parts of electrical equipment are grounded in accordance with the requirements of industrial safety and also the system of equalizing of potentials is carried out.

              Heating system

              The temperature of the indoor air block must comply with the technical requirements of the manufacturers of the equipment, systems, devices and instruments, but not less than +5°C and above +35°C .

              Heating chamber block can be formed as by electrical heaters and water by means of heating.

              Ventilation system

              The ventilation system is performed in accordance with the requirements of industrial safety of the Russian Federation.

              Automatic Fire Suppression

              The unit has the following performance:

              • fire suppression contains the estimated amount of extinguishing agent available for immediate use in the event of a fire;
              • installation supplies at least 95% of the estimated mass of extinguishing agent required to create a fire extinguishing concentration in the protected area, designed to extinguish a fire in a time not exceeding the normative;
              • installation provides a delay of release of fire extinguishing substance to the protected placements on time;
              • installation is automatic and remote starter types.

              Gas contamination monitoring system

              Gas contamination monitoring system consists of a secondary device and field sensors for the corresponding gas.

              Gas contamination monitoring system is provided with the necessary number of sensors, taking into account the composition of the target gas (vapor).

              The control device includes a measuring apparatus for displaying the current gas concentration for each sensor.

              The device should have a lock function alarm and re-install.

              Completeness of delivery units is determined by the specifications for the contract.

              The scope of supply may include:

              • block-box type container;
              • technical equipment (mobile devices, lifting gear, etc.);
              • technological equipment (main and auxiliary);
              • electrical power system;
              • lighting system;
              • electrical system;
              • heating system (water/electric);
              • ventilation system (operating, emergency);
              • automatic fire extinguishing system;
              • gas contamination monitoring system;
              • soundproofing;
              • system light and sound alarm;
              • supporting steel structures (stairs, catwalks, fences, etc.);
              • flanges, plugs, gaskets, fasteners for all flange connections;
              • welding consumables for welding in the installation;
              • shutoff and control valves, control instrumentation and automation;
              • corrosion and coatings for painting after installation;
              • insulating materials;
              • the technical documentation.

              In coordination with the Customer in specifications other completeness of delivery can be defined.

              The technical documentation includes:

              • assembly drawing of the technological block;
              • passport;
              • drawings of assembly units;
              • assembly drawing;
              • installation and operation guide;
              • calculation (if necessary);
              • shipping documentation.

              The passport is made out and signed by responsible persons of the enterprise of the producer (supplier) of the technological block.

              Structure of the equipment is not limited to the following list, to be specified and may vary when considering the requirements of the customer and meets the specifications applied to the documentation.

              The passport and the technical documentation which is its part is transferred to the Customer no later than 30 days from the moment of completion of works on assembly and installation of the technological block on object of the Customer.

              Shipping documentation is sent to the Customer together with the equipment supplied.

              Permitted by agreement with the customer sending shipping documents by mail within 15 days from the date of shipment of the equipment and its components.


              Air compressor with soft starter
              Air compressor with soft starter
              Vessel for preparation of solution of diatomite R-400
              Vessel for preparation of solution of diatomite R-400
              Pre-mixing vessel С-101
              Pre-mixing vessel С-101
              Collection of sulphide effluent E-29
              Collection of sulphide effluent E-29
              Vessel Е-2
              Vessel Е-2
              Vessel Е-1
              Vessel Е-1
              Heat exchanger Т-2N-I
              Heat exchanger Т-2N-I
              Heat exchanger Х-2N-I
              Heat exchanger Х-2N-I