Incinerator is a unit for burning / destruction of the initial mass of waste by 95 ÷ 99.5% with the production of neutral biologically inert ash.

JSC EC Technohim designs and procure Thermal Waste Treatment Units based on different type incinerators.

Incineration Process technology is applicable for:

  • Such processing is applied while preliminary preparation, waste sorting and utilization are impossible or inexpediency.
  • Components of incinerators are not demanding in terms of feed fraction composition.
  • Such processing is applicable when it is necessary to utilize waste without production of extra destruction products or semiproducts.

Process technology features:

  • Lining materials with service life of more than 20 years;
  • Adaptive arrangement of destruction chambers ;
  • Timing adjustment of volatile organic compound presence in afterburning section;
  • Components’ full automation;
  • Variative system for flue gas purification;
  • Heat recuperation | Process auto thermia.