Pyrolysis units

Pyrolysis is oxygen-free destruction to avoid forming of dioxin and furan, an afterburning of volatile products’ vapor-gas mixture at a temperature of more than 1200 °C with a time of volatile compounds’ presence in reaction zone of not more than 2 sec.

JSC EC Technohim designs and procure the pyrolysis units: drum furnaces, thermal desorbers.

Process technology’ applicability:

  • Process technology is applied when it is required to obtain the destruction products and semiproducts, hydrocarbon recycling.

Process technology’ features:

  • Absence of forming the dioxins and furans;
  • Indirect heating / electric heating;
  • Separate removal of water and hydrocarbons;
  • High specific capacity due to thermal efficiency of systems over 95%;
  • Process know-how.