Pressure safety element

JSC EC Technohim has a production facility to manufacture of pressure safety elements (PSE) based on buckling membrane, rupture discs with a diameter from 50 up to 600 mm (larger diameters are also available by request).

Each PSE consists of a set of sealing rings and 5 membranes.

PSE application

PSE as well as safety valves are the most frequently used as protection devices against emergency pressure relief in production plants. PSE protect various tanks and pipelines against deformation, rupture and other damage. PSE are installed upstream the safety valves in order to increase its service life and the reliability of its operation.

The main goal is to optimally protect and at the same time to minimize the system downtime.

PSE are manufactured in moderately cold climate according to GOST 15150-69.

PSE arrangement options

in series, upstream the safety valve

1 – safety valve; 2 – spacer; 3 – selective device; 4 – manometer; 5 – PSE; 6 – protected unit

in parallel with the safety valves

1 – PSE; 2 – safety valve

in series, downstream the safety valve

1 – PSE; 2 – safety valve; 3 – protected unit

PSE advantages

1Design reliability of operation
2Extended maintenance operation term of safety valves
3Fault tolerance compared to pneumatic or spring safety systems
4Two-layer membrane surface coating: titanium nitrite + fluoroplast
5Savings on spare parts and consumables

Scope of application

  • Chemical industry
  • Petrochemical industry
  • Oil industry
  • Gas industry
  • Shipbuilding
  • Space industry
  • Power generation
  • Nuclear industry
  • Food industry