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              Petroleum centrifugal pumps of types ТКАм

              petroleum centrifugal pumps of types ткам

              Pump sealed type ТКАм with drives through the magnetic clutch are designed for pumping in stationary conditions, neutral, corrosive, flammable and combustible liquids and liquefied gases with a temperature from -60oC up to +250oC.

              The pumps are designed to operate in explosive environment where the formation of explosive mixtures of gases or vapours with air classified explosion hazard IIA, IIB GOST R.11 and groups T1, T2, T3, T4 GOST 51330.5.

              Pump units are designed to work in areas of seismic activity which does not exceed 8 points on the Richter scale.

              The tightness of the pump is provided by the screen sealing the internal cavity of the pump. The screen is made of nonmagnetic stainless steel and titanium.

              Magnetic cylindrical sleeve consists of an outer (leading) and the inner coupling half (driven) coupling halves between which the assembly is the screen.

              The torque is transmitted from the outer to the inner coupling half due to the forces of magnetic attraction without contact coupling halves themselves.

              The hydraulic pumps TKAм made of corrosion-resistant steel.

              The rotor drive is equipped with bearings of SKF, FAG, Nachi.

              The pump rotor is equipped with plain bearings made of graphite, which is resistant to aggressive chemical environments, metal steel frame is resistant to wear.

              Pumps are supplied self-cleaning filters and magnetic.

              Pump units are equipped with explosion-proof motor with welded frame.

              Technical characteristics of the sealed pumps with magnetic coupling:

              Rotor speed2950/1475
              Enforcement of protection, not lower1ExIIBT4X
              Voltage supply, V380/660
              Temperature of fluid, оСfrom -60 up to +250
              Viscosity, m2/s (сст), no more30*10-6(30)
              Density, kg/m3, no more1000
              Inlet pressure, MPa1,6 (16)
              Nominal pressure, MPa (kgs/cm2)4 (40)
              Mechanical impurities:
              Mass fraction, %, no more
              Particle size, mm, no more
              Ferromagnetic inclusions
              not allow

              An example entry legend pump:

              ТКАм63/125 а Н У2 ТУ3631-042-00217610-2012

              ТКАм — sealed pump with magnetic coupling;
              63 — nominal feed, m3/h;
              125 — head at nominal feed, m;
              а — impeller diameter;
              Н — stainless design flow part;
              У2 — climatic version.


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