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              Internals for hydrotreatment reactors

              Our company together with American business partner H2Advance design and supply the internals for hydrotreatment reactors.

              The main objective in the design of reactor internals is to maximize the use of the catalyst:

              The internals include: trays, support grids, filter elements/ cartridges, drain-distributing devices, coils and other such components and parts without welded joints to shell and (or) to head of the vessel.

              The internals are designed to support the process and are made depending on the purpose of the item (vessel/device). Design and parameters of internals device are selected by the designer in accordance with technical assignment.

              The internals are in accordance with GOST R 27.001, 27.002 GOST, GOST 27.003, 26.260.005 RD, R 50-109, 26-10 RD, RD 26-1-20.

              The estimated service lives are assumed as 10, 15, 20, 25 years, depending on the requirements of the technical assignment.

              Warranty period of internals corresponds to the warranty period of operation of the main products (vessel) and is at least 18 months from the date of commissioning of the vessel/unit, but not more than 24 months after dispatch from the shop.

              Main parameters and characteristics of the devices:

              Working environment
              Gas, steam, liquid
              Working temperature, oCfrom -200 up to +800
              Working excess pressure of main vessel in which the internals are installed, MPaup to 16
              Nominal diameter of the main unit, mm50 - 6000

              Devices are designed to provide process and are made depending on the purpose of the product (vessel/unit), of which they form part.

              The design life of up to 10, 15, 20, 25 years, depending on the requirements of the technical specifications.

              The internals are shipped to the site in assembled state with the main item (vessel). Separate delivery is possible, when specified in the design documentation and is determined by the conditions of transportation.

              The scope of supply of internals includes:

              • internals, fully equipped with products comprising the composition;
              • set of spare gaskets for flanged and sleeved joints;
              • set of spare parts, special tools and other accessories, if it is specified in the design documentation.

              If the internals is supplied separately, the technical and shipping documentation as follows shall be attached:

              • the passport for internals including the General Assembly drawing with the specification;
              • parts list;
              • packing lists (for each cargo item).


              Heat exchanger T-1600
              Heat exchanger T-1600
              Heat exchanger Т-7/1,2
              Heat exchanger Т-7/1,2
              Vessel Е-106
              Vessel Е-106
              Water heating vessel E-104
              Water heating vessel E-104
              Vessel of nitrogen of a high pressure E-17
              Vessel of nitrogen of a high pressure E-17
              Emergency vessel E-16
              Emergency vessel E-16
              Coolant vessel E-15
              Coolant vessel E-15
              Emergency vessel of propane E-14
              Emergency vessel of propane E-14