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              Spherical tanks

              Spherical tanks
              Spherical tanks
              Spherical tanks
              Spherical tanks
              Spherical tanks
              Spherical tanks
              Spherical tanks
              Spherical tanks

              Highly qualified specialists of JSC «EC «Technohim» carry out the design spherical tanks completely with the quantity 1, 2, 3, 4 pieces in each technological block.

              Partner of JSC «EC «Technohim» supply segments spherical tanks is a Finnish company HALIKKKO Group.

              Tanks are subdivided into tanks for liquid technological environments, including the liquefied hydrocarbonic gases and gas-holders for gaseous technological environments.

              Tanks intended for storage of process fluids in the oil and gas facilities, oil refining, petrochemical, chemical industries, thermal power complex and other industries.

              Advantages of spherical tanks over horizontal tanks:

              • more than 2-fold decrease in the area of the tank farm with the same volume of stored product;
              • more than 3-fold reduction in the quantity of sensors and control devices are installed in each tank;
              • more than 3-fold reduction in routing product lines in the park between the vessels.

              Completeness of delivery is determined by the capacitance to the contract specifications.

              The scope of supply vessels (technological blocks) may include:

              • housing elements (petals, bottoms, segments of the bottoms);
              • support steel structures;
              • fittings, pipes, manholes, collectors;
              • shipping metal blocks for site assembling and steel structures for service platforms, stairways, pipelines;
              • flanges, plugs, gaskets, fasteners for all flange connections;
              • plate samples with edges, machined for welding likewise the shell edges, for mechanical and metallographic tests of site-fabricated weld joints;
              • mounting hardware for assembly housings for mounting;
              • welding consumables for welding work in the installation of tanks;
              • valves and instrumentation and automated control systems;
              • corrosion and coatings for painting after installation;
              • heat-insulating materials;
              • technical documentation.

              In coordination with the Customer in specifications other completeness of delivery can be defined. Including on request of the Customer and on him and to the drawings coordinated with it delivery of base bolts with mortgage details is made.

              The complete technical documentation is:

              • passport
              • assembly drawing of the technological block;
              • assembly drawing of the vessel;
              • drawings of assembly units;
              • assembly drawing;
              • mounting and operating guide;
              • strength analysis;
              • shipping documentation.

              Main parameters and characteristics of the vessels:

              Technological environmentLiquid, gas
              Notional amount, m3
              from 100 up to 3000
              Inner diameter, mm.
              from 5800 up to 18000
              Design pressure, MPafrom 0,07 up to 1,6
              Design temperature, оСfrom minus 196 up to plus 400
              Variants of the material execution09G2S / 12Х18Н10Т
              Seismicity, scoreup to 10

              Main regulations on spherical tanks:

              • TS 3615-006-94628911-2013 Spherical tanks and technological units for liquid and gaseous environments.
              • GOST R 52630 Steel welded vessels and apparatus. General specifications.
              • SR 03-576-03 Regulations of design and safe operation of pressure vessels.
              • SR 03-584-03 Rules of design, manufacturing and acceptance of welded steel vessels and apparatuses.
              • SR 08-624-03 Safety Regulations for oil and gas industry.
              • RD 03-380-00 Guidelines for Inspection of Spherical Tanks and Gas Holders for Storage of Liquefied Gases Under Pressure.


              Heat exchanger T-1600
              Heat exchanger T-1600
              Heat exchanger Т-7/1,2
              Heat exchanger Т-7/1,2
              Vessel Е-106
              Vessel Е-106
              Water heating vessel E-104
              Water heating vessel E-104
              Vessel of nitrogen of a high pressure E-17
              Vessel of nitrogen of a high pressure E-17
              Emergency vessel E-16
              Emergency vessel E-16
              Coolant vessel E-15
              Coolant vessel E-15
              Emergency vessel of propane E-14
              Emergency vessel of propane E-14